Riding free

Andrea und Markus Eschbach
Riding Free: Bitless, Bridleless or Bareback
CHF 21.00


no bit ... no saddle ... no limits

Open your mind and prepare to discover how you can ride confidently and in control without a bit, without a bridle, without a saddle - even without all three!

In fact, you can prepare your horse to react to the most subtle of aids and the lightest of touches so you feel safe whether you are riding with traditional tack, or not.

Riding Free examines the psychology and physiology of the horse and how a bit in his mouth and a saddle on his back impacts his state of mind and body.

Then, basic how-to-steps walk you through using a bitless bridle (for everyday training as well as competition); a neck ring (with or without a saddle); and mounting and riding bareback, at all gaits. In addition, you´ll find specific exercises for perfecting communication between horse and rider, both on the ground and on your horse´s back.

Markus and Andreas Eschbach use their remarkable teaching talents to help all of us see past the piles of tack and equipment and glimpse what riding horses can truly be-spontaneous, cathartic, fulfilling ... and fun.

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